Adhering to a solid workflow practice is completely necessary and unavoidable for today’s digital wedding photographer and videographer.

 The following content is a concise guide and our company policy outline to insuring the bride and groom receive their photographs and video in a timely and orderly manner.


 In early 2008 we started to accept at no additional cost to the couple their favorite mp3 audio files and incorporate them into an animated DVD digital slide show of the engagement shoot.

We ask that the couple provide within ten days of the shoot via an email attachment up to two of their favorite songs that they would like  to have inserted into the engagement DVD slide show. If after ten days we do not receive the mp3 audio files we reserve the option to substitute our mp3 own selections

The couple will receive within thirty days of the engagement shoot all of the high resolution photos that have been edited on one DVD along with a second DVD of an animated slide show.  

ALBUMS (Traditional and Flush Mount)

After the wedding and depending on the “package” the couple has selected we will create the couples wedding albums.

Our “Gold Package” includes up to three n/c “magazine style” albums.

 Included in this package is one “signature” album and two smaller “parent albums”.  The three “magazine” style albums are  made from  Kodak or Fuji photographic paper (real album paper)  

The three “magazine” style albums have a limited amount of space and are produced at no additional cost to the couple.  

Due to the limited space and in order to avoid a "scrap book" appearance we suggest that  the couple  select  up to 55-60  photographs to be included in these type of magazine styled albums*.



(Albums costing $500 or more)

Provided the couple opted to order a "flush mount"  Traditional or "Italian" wedding album we hopefully will receive the   DVD with the selected photos from the couple that we will then use to create the more expensive ($500 or more) flush mount Traditional or Italian metallic wedding album

 If the couple has decided to order any of our domestic or Italian wedding albums costing five hundred dollars or more we will  can accept up to one hundred and ten  photos for a fifty page album

Note we use high end professional editing album software in the creation of a domestic and Italian albums  The layouts and design of these type of albums are extremely labor intensive and time consuming.   

After the Wedding:

It is the responsibility of the bride and groom once they receive all the high-resolution photos on our DVD to select one hundred and twenty five of their favorite  photos –burn them on to their own DVD and send them to us within thirty days on a DVD or CD via snail mail. 

After we have receive from the couple all of the their favorite wedding photos on the DVD we then proceed to create the album and put it on line for the couple to review.* 

Prior to printing of the more expensive album the couple may make up to three changes for either the domestic Traditional or Italian wedding album* (see below for clarification) 

 As we may or may not have all the original photos taken of  a couples wedding after one year. It is the reasonability of the couple to provide any photos they wish included in an album. A disc containing all the photos they wish to include in the album is also required.


Magazine, Traditional

and Flush Mount Albums

In order to have precise color corrected photos suitable for print we monthly calibrate our monitors.

Photos originally received on a DVD from us shortly after the wedding, after one year are most likely in need of color correction to match our monitors calibration and meet the albums manufacturer printing requirements. 

Any photos received on a DVD from the couple after one year are therefore considered a new project or an archival project.

Due to the amount of time and effort it takes to re-do and color correct photos (whether pre-paid or not) we have to charge a archival/ project fee of $375.00. for the re- calibration and color correction of photos that are sent in and will be used in an album ordered after the one year anniversary.

So once again we request and it is the bride/groom's responsibility to provide us within one year or LESS  the photos they wish to include in there albums.


* Since we use live on line proprietary software to create the "magazine styled"  albums we can not provide any on line proofing services for the "magazine styled" albums prior to their  printing.

The couple of course can select the photos they want printed in the album. We do the layout and design and then submit for printing.

*On line proofing is only allowed for the Traditional domestic and Italian wedding albums costing $500. 00 or more.

The software we use to create these albums is very different than the software we use for the magazine type albums.













































































































(and Bride and Groom’s Responsibility)


 A typical ten hour wedding will result in approximately seven to twelve hundred digital photographs. We   edit each and every one of the  photos in there "raw" format and put them within two weeks after the wedding on line for your guests to review or order.

 On Line

Once the photos are on line at our web site ( for guest to review we will then create a DVD slide show that is broken down into five “chapters” or “sections” highlighting the days event such as : “preparations”, “ceremony”, “receptions”, “formals”, and “the two of us” .  

Each "chapter" or slide show selection may consists of up to forty five to seventy five edited photos put to the brides selection of music. That chapter  tells the story of that particular  event. i.e. getting ready, the ceremony, reception, formals  and the two of us.

In no way should an animated digital photo section be regarded as a substitute for a video, since the photos are only a limited sampling of that particular event


The purpose of the slide show is to enable the bride and groom to envision of what their edited photos would look like in the event they order any of the wedding albums we offer. 

We request if the couple ordered the "Gold Package"  and it is the bride/groom's responsibility to provide us within thirty days after the wedding up to two mp3 songs for each “chapter” of their favorite songs that they would like to have inserted into the DVD slide show chapter. A total of ten mp3 song files is required.

Yes this  means a total of ten songs are required.- two mp3 files for each "chapter" –preparations, ceremony, reception, formals and the two of us sections  

We cannot accept any other format other than mp3  (no mp4, mp4a, wav. or aiff files are accepted)  They also MUST be snail mailed to us on a DVD. Emailing the mp3 files as attachments tend to get corrupted

Time Frame to Create the Wedding DVD Slide show .

Since we do not wish to delay the delivery of your wedding DVD slide show we cannot stress enough how important it is for the couple to provide the required 10 mp3 files.

Creation of the DVD slide show takes approximately seven -to eight weeks depending on our work schedule and season.  Note we have  a substantial amount of  weddings that require our post processing services. The sooner a couple gets us the required music the sooner their wedding DVD, and albums are created.. i.e. if a couple waits nine months to supply the required photos for their albums .. there are eight months of other weddings ahead of theirs.

Actual Wedding Photos:

Once we have created a DVD slide show from your wedding photos (also utilizing the couples favorite ten songs) we will also create at the same time a high resolution DVD of all the photos taken of the wedding and mail the two  DVD’s to the couple at one time .  

The couple will receive ONE DVD of all the photos and ONE DVD with a five chapter slide show.

Note the creation of all the wedding photos on a DVD as well as the slide show takes approximately six -to eight weeks depending on our schedule and the season.  

One DVD will have all the high resolution photos of the wedding and the second DVD will have the slide show. Both DVD's are custom designed to tell your story and are extremely labor intensive -they cannot be rushed so please allow 6-8 weeks after  we have received  the ten mp3  files -- also please do not wait five months to send in your music- this will change our delivery schedule.

Wedding ALBUMS (Magazine, Traditional and Flush Mount)

The photography, creation of slide shows on DVD’ s as well as the design layout and manufacturing of wedding albums is a primary focus to our work flow.

Album design/layout and manufacturing will take a minimum of eight -ten weeks after the DVD slide show and wedding photos have been mailed to the couple This once again also depends on our work load /schedule, season and your cooperation.

Provided the bride/groom sends  us via snail mail a selection of photos on a DVD it will  not be necessary to make a special trip to come into the studio unless it is absolutely imperative.


Once a wedding album* has been approved by the couple to be  printed we move on to editing the  wedding video.

During the manufacturing of the couples wedding album(s) which takes from eight- ten weeks we carefully edit and create their wedding video.  

Our workflow is concentrated on a step by step procedure for photo-editing, creation of high resolution DVD ‘s and album creation. and finally video creation.

Once we start editing your wedding video we also like to receive from the bride and groom their favorite mp3 audio files that they have selected for each "chapter" of the video. 

The DVD video layout "chapters" is similar to the DVD slide show and the music inserted into the video is usually soft back round music which we still require to be sent by the couple to us via snail mail on a DVD. Please package well as the post office tends to damage a DVD that is shipped in a  plain mailing envelope. 

It is the bride and grooms responsibility to send us in the time frame outlined their preferred music that they would like incorporated into video, slide shows, as well as a burnt DVD copy of their favorite photos for creating any flush mount domestic or Italian wedding albums. 

We have set up this “work flow” information page because your wedding is very important to you and to us – and hopefully through photography we will be able to include memories of the days events as life long memories for you and your family to enjoy.   

Gary Sugal