There is no service or product so insignificant, nor any service so menial, that someone isn’t willing to make it or do it, for less money! 

The saying that you get what you pay for couldn’t be any closer to the truth when it comes to a professional wedding photographers. Photography trade journals over the years have consistently shown that 65-70 %  of married couples are unhappy with there wedding photos. The point being that disappointment of an inferior product or poor service soon overshadows the thrill of a low price. That being  said.

If you compare photography to several other elements of a wedding.  An average flush mount wedding album from a “professional” photographer will cost slightly more than a cake, approximately as much as the flowers, or a limousine service; less than the Bride’s Maids dresses and the Groomsmen’s tuxedos; far less than the Bride’s dress; and depending  much less than the venue or a contracted caterer.

Considering  any or all the above, your  photographer is the only one who will spend all day working with you; they are the only one that is given a limited time frame in which to perform; they are the only one who must get the job right the first time with no mistakes; they are the only one whose work will be seen again and reviewed both by people at the wedding; and those who did not attend!





If price is your first consideration, then look around! There will always be someone cheaper, someone with a “deal”! There will always be a part-timer, a new photographer, a friend or relative, or someone with a semi professional camera ready to “ take your  buck”!

Most professional photographers attend a minimum of 2 seminars or classes for a total of ten to fifteen days every year, we try for at least three. Our studio has over $55,000.00 worth of equipment; and we take at least $30,000.00 worth of equipment, including several cameras, to every wedding.






The average post processing wedding takes forty to fifty hours to complete, and we  must allow for,   phone calls, travel, albums, prints, and clothing as direct expense; not to mention numerous “indirect” expenses such as rent, utilities, liability insurance (which most discount photographers don’t carry-always ask)  depreciation, taxes, labor and maintain up-dated camera equipment every year.

Your  food is eaten, the wine is drunk, the wedding dress is packed away, the tuxedos are returned, the Bride’s Maid dresses are in the closet, and the flowers are wilted and thrown away.






Unlike any of the above, the photographs will last forever! Your photographs will be viewed again and again by families and friends. They will bring back many cherished memories of your special day and your loved ones. In many cases these photographs will become “family heirlooms” and treasured keepsakes for generations to come.

Photographs are your memories and they will last forever.

Wedding photographs are not expensive-they are priceless investments that last life times.

Gary Sugal

Wedding Photographer/Artist